VOLUME 45 (1992)


•  Number 1, Spring/Summer 1992

•  Number 2, Autumn 1992

•  Number 3, Winter 1992


Number 1, Spring/Summer 1992

Armenian History as Seen by Twentieth Century Turkish Historians (pp. 1-52) | Clive Foss  

"Images that Horrify and Indict"; Pictorial Documents on the Persecution and Extermination of the Armenians from 1877 to 1922 (pp. 53-184) | Tessa and Koutcharian Hofmann    

"Misplaced Credulity"; Contemporary Turkish Attempts to Refute the Armenian Genocide (pp. 185-213) | Dennis Papazian   

Lion Woman's Legacy: An Armenian-American Memoir (pp. 215-216) | Arlene Voski Avakian   

Zabel Essayan, ou, l'univers lumineux de la literature (pp. 217-219) | Chouchik Dasnabedian      

Nomads and Crusaders, AD 1000-1368 (pp. 219-221) | Archibald Lewis  

The Armenian Version of Daniel (pp. 221-223) | Peter Cowe



Number 2, Autumn 1992

A Family of Armenian Amiras: The Dadians (pp. 1-16) | Anahide Ter Minassian

Whitman and Saroyan: Singing the Song of America (pp. 17-26) | Dickran Kouymjian

Telling Time by the Sundial: Mandelstam's Journey to Armenia (pp. 27-36) | David Stephen Calonne

Earthquake in Armenia and Psychological Intervention: Issues of Trauma and Recovery (pp. 37-48) | Meline Karakashian

Terrorism: The Constant Threat (pp. 49-61) | Pierre Papazian

Armenian Terrorism: The Past, the Present, the Prospects (pp. 49-61) | Francis P. Hyland

The Paths to Domination, Resistance, and Terror (pp. 49-61) | Carolyn and Martin Nordstrom

Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind (pp. 49-61) | Walter Reich

Political Terrorism: Theory, Tactics, and Counter-Measures (pp. 49-61) | Grant Wardlaw

The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity under Russian Rule (pp. 63-69) | Audrey L. Altstadt

Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide (pp. 70-72) | Robert Melson

The Armenian Genocide: A Comprehensive Bibliography and Library Resource Guide (pp. 72-74) | Hamo B. Vassilian

The History of Lazar P'arpec'I (pp. 74-76) | Robert W. Thomson

Armenia and the Bible: Papers Presented to the International Symposium Held in Heidelberg, July 16-19, 1990 (pp. 77-80) | Christoph Burchard



Number 3, Winter 1992

Hakop Karapents (pp. vii-x) | Tatul Sonentz-Papazian

Mark Saroyan (pp. xi-xiii) | Ronald Grigor Suny

Greenmantle's Absent Armenians: A Study of Anglo-Ottoman Attitudes (pp. 1-38) | Christopher J. Walker

Transcultural and Armenian Diaspora Writing: Literature on the Edge (pp. 39-46) | Lorne Shirinian

The Rise and Fall of Crusader Impact on the Near East: A Case Study of Cilicia (Introduction) (pp. 47-48) |S. Peter Cowe

The Inauguration of the Cilician Coronation Rite and Royal Ideology (pp. 49-59) | S. Peter Cowe

Cilicia as the Locaus of European Influence on Medieval Armenians Book Production (pp. 61-72) | Sylvie L. Merian

The Trajectory of Roman Catholic Influence in Cilician Armenia: An Analysis of the Councils of Sis and Adana (pp. 73-89) | David Bundy

Literary Responses to Catastrophe: A Comparison of the Armenian and the Jewish Experience (pp. 91-92) | Rubina Peroomian

Songs of Bread, Songs of Salt (pp. 93-94) | Diana Der Hovanesian

Armenia - World Bibliographic Series, Volume 163 (pp. 94-97) | Vzer Nerses Nersessian

Repertoire des Monasteres Armeniens (pp. 97-98) | Michel Thierry

The Hubbards of Sivas: A Chronology of Love and Faith (pp. 99-101) | Edwin W. Martin

The Development of Spiritual Life in Bosnia under the Influence of Turkish Rule (pp. 101-102) | Ivo Andric

The Turkish State and Modern History: Clio Meets the Gray Wolf (pp. 102-104) | Speros Jr. Vryonis

The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law and Genocide in the Twentieth Century 105-107 | Christopher Simpson

A Crime of Vengeance: An Armenian Struggle for Justice 107-109 | Edward Alexander

The Armenian Minority Problem, 1914-1934: A Nation's Struggle for Security 109-111 | Mary Mangigian Tarzian









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