VOLUME 44 (1991)


•  Number 1, Spring 1991

•  Number 2, Summer 1991

•  Number 3, Autumn 1991

•  Number 4, Winter 1991


Number 1, Spring 1991

A Textual Analysis of the Key Indictment of the Turkish Military Tribunal Investigating the Armenian Genocide (pp. 1-36) | Vahakn N. Dadrian      

Armenian Diaspora Life in Cyprus and London (pp. 37-57) | Susan Pattie  

Reconstituting an Armenian Settlement in Canada (pp. 59-75) | Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill    

German Officers and the Armenian Genocide (pp. 77-133) | Christoph Dinkell        

Demographic Evolution in Transcaucasia: 1959-1989 (pp. 135-141) | Serge Afanasyan         

Artsakh: Histoire du Karabagh (pp. 143-144) | Patrick and Mutafian Donabedian

Armenians in London: The Management of Social Boundaries (pp. 144-146) | Vered Amit Talai

Grandma, Pray for Me (pp. 146-148) | Nishan Parlakian   

Armenag's Story (pp. 148-149) | Arthur and Phebe Gregorian         

Gli Armeni in Italia (pp. 150-151) | Boghos Levon Zekiyan



Number 2, Summer 1991

The Evolving Goals and Strategies of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, 1890-1925 (pp. vii-xix) | Vincent Lima       

Jean Jaures and the Armenians (pp. 1-11) | Madeleine Reberioux  

The Role of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in the Republic of Armenia (pp. 13-52) | Richard Hovannisian        

The Last Try: The Dashnak-Bolshevik Talks in Riga, 1921 (pp. 53-70) | Hrachik Simonian   

The "Self-Liquidation" of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in Yerevan in 1923 (pp. 71-110) | Anahide Ter Minassian         

"Ouvrez-moi seulement les chemins d'Armenie": Un genocide aux deserts de l'inconscient (pp. 111-115) | Janine Altounian   

A Song for Uncle Harry (pp. 115-117) | David Kherdian   

Farewell Kharpert: The Autobiography of Boghos Jafarian (pp. 117-118) | Boghos Jafarian     

Armenian Tragedy: An Eyewitness Account of Human Conflict and Natural Disaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan (pp. 118-120) | Yuri Rost  

The Armenian Earthquake (pp. 120-121) | Editors of Novosti Press Agency     

Armenien und Georgien: Zwischen Ararat und Kaukasus (pp. 121-123) | Tessa Hofmann    

From Istanbul to Aghtamar: An Armenian Pilgrimage (pp. 123-125) | Hagop Nersoyan         

Gharabagh (pp. 125-126) | Setrag Manoukian



Number 3, Autumn 1991

From the Tip of the Tongue to the Back of the Mind: The United States and the Armenian Question, 1917-1920 (pp. 1-21) | Michael Blacher

Henry Cabot Lodge and the Armenian Mandate Question, 1918-20 (pp. 23-37) | Sevan G. Terzian

The Delegation of Integral Armenia: From Greater Armenia to Lesser Armenia (pp. 39-64) | Houri Berberian

Why Did Herodotus Think the Armenians Were Phrygian Colonists? (pp. 65-70) | Edward Gulbekian

The Magical Pine Ring: Culture and the Imagination in Armenian-American Literature (pp. 71-74) | Margaret Bedrosian

Coming to Terms: Selected Poems of Vahan Derian (pp. 74-76) | Diana Der Hovanesian

The Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic (pp. 76-78) | Stanford J. Shaw

Pathfinders for Posterity: Armenian-American Youth in Transition (pp. 79-80) | Garbis Der Yeghiayan

Ellis Island: An Illustrated History of the Immigrant Experience (pp. 80-82) | Ivan Chermayeff

They Called Me Mustafa: Memoir of an Immigrant (pp. 82-83) | Khachadoor Pilibosian



Number 4, Winter 1991

Caricature in the Armenian Press of the Caucasus (pp. 1-33) | Claire Mouradian         

Georges Dumezil and Armenian Myth (pp. 37-49) | David Stephen Calonne     

The Political Values of Lebanese-Armenian College Students (pp. 51-67) | Hilal Khashan

The Ethnic Structure of the Population of Mountainous Karabagh in 1921 (pp. 69-85) | Merujan Karapetian     

Politics and Demography: Armenians, Turks, and Kurds in the Ottoman Empire (pp. 87-88) | Levon Marashlian        

Essays in Ottoman and Turkish History, 1774-1923: The Impact of the West (pp. 89-90) | Roderic H. Davison      

First-Person Accounts of Genocidal Acts Committed in the Twentieth Century: An Annotated Bibliography (pp. 90-92) | Samuel Totten        

Das Deutsche Reich und die Armenische Frage (pp. 92-94) | Norbert Saupp    

Ottoman Civil Officaldom: A Social History (pp. 94-95) | Carter Vaughn Findley

Armenian-North American Literature (pp. 96-98) | Lorne Shirinian    

Beginnings and Ends (pp. 98-101) | Lorne Shirinian    

Earthquake (Poems) (pp. 98-101) | Lorne Shirinian    

Crossroads: Short Fiction by Armenian-American Authors (pp. 102-104) | Margaret and Hamalian Bedrosian  

At the French Embassy in Sofia: Essays and Criticism (pp. 105-106) | Peter Sourian     

Images of Women: The Portrayal of Women in Photography of the Middle East, 1860-1950 (pp. 106-108) | Sarah Graham-Brown   

"Vordan Karmir" "Kirmiz" "Armenian Red Dye" or "Armenians Lochineal": Materials for the Armenian Rug History (pp. 108-109) | Dajad Yardemian

Le Lien Communautaire: Trois Generations d'Armeniens (pp. 109-111) | Martine Hovanessian









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