VOLUME 43 (1990)


•  Number 1, Spring 1990

•  Number 2, Summer/Autumn 1990

•  Number 3, Winter 1990


Number 1, Spring 1990

Lost Fathers and Abandoned Sons: The Silence of Generations in Armenian Diaspora Literature (pp. 1-17) | Lorne Shirinian

In the Mind's Eye: Collective Memory and Armenian Village Ethnographies (pp. 19-29) | Jennifer Gurahian

Mt. Holyoke Seminary in Bitlis: Providing an American Education for Armenian Women (pp. 31-65) | Barbara J. Merguerian

A Multitude of Overlapping Identities: A Lebanese Armenian Community in the Beka'a Valley of Lebanon (pp. 67-83) | Sima Aprahamian

Armenian Immigration to Argentina: 1909-1938 (pp. 85-113) | Kim Hekimian

Rural Families in Soviet Georgia: A Case Study in Ratcha Province (pp. 115-118) | Tamara Dragadze

Kilikia Tabi Ermeni Baronlugu Tarihi (pp. 118-120) | Mehlika Aktak Kasgarli

Judgement Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide (pp. 120-126) | Ephraim K. Jernazian

The Sumgait Tragedy: Pogroms Against Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan (Volume I: Eyewitness Accounts) (pp. 126-128) | Samvel Shahmuratian

Nomads of Eurasia (pp. 129-130) | Vladimir N. Basilov

Heirs of the Greek Catastrophe: The Social Life of Asia Minor Refugees in Piraeus (pp. 130-132) | Renee Hirschon

De Staline a Gorbachev: Histoire d'une republique (pp. 132-134) | Claire-Seta Mouradian

Eclosion et Development de la Republique Armenienne (pp. 134-136) | Alexander Khatissian

Langtan till Ararat (Longing for Ararat) (pp. 136-138) | Goran Gunnar

Armenian: Fran berget Ararat till det bergiga Karabach (Armenian: From Mount Ararat to Nagorno-Karabagh) (pp. 136-138) | Klas-Goran Karlsson



Number 2, Summer/Autumn 1990

Introduction (A Test for Perestroika) (pp. vii-x) | Ronald Grigor Suny     

The Mountainous Karabagh Question: An Inter-Ethnic Conflict or Decolonization Crisis? (pp. 1-34) | Claire Mouradian

Azerbaijan: Between Ethnic Conflict and Irredentism (pp. 35-49) | Tadeusz Swietochowski    

Several Issues Concerning the History of Mountainous Karabagh (pp. 51-65) | Vardges and Khurshudian Mikaelian         

The Karabagh Movement as Viewed by an Anthropologist (pp. 67-80) | Levon H. Abrahamian        

Belorussia: Malaise in the Soviet Union's 'Model' Republic (pp. 81-108) | Kathleen Mihalisko   

The Return of the Past: Baltic-Area Nationalism of the Perestroika Period (pp. 109-126) | Andrejs Plakans  

Glasnost, Perestroika and the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (pp. 127-152) | Stephen F. Jones      

Moldavia, 1917-1990: Nationalism and Internationalism Then and Now (pp. 153-193) | Irina Livezeanu

Cultural Survival in Soviet Society: The Case of the Volga Tatars (pp. 195-216) | Daniel E. Schafer



Number 3, Winter 1990

On Samuel Totten's review of "Judgement Unto Truth" (pp. viii-ix) | Pierre V. Haig

Response to Pierre V. Haig (pp. ix-x) | Samuel Totten

Introduction (Special Issue on Ani) (pp. xi-xiv) | Garbis Armen

Sirarpie Der Nersessian: Her Life and Work (pp. 1-5) | Levon Chukaszian

A Bibliography of the Works of Sirarpie Der Nersessian (pp. 7-19) | Ara Ghazarian

Eleventh Century Ani School of Miniature (pp. 21-39) | Levon Chukaszian

The Frescoes in the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator Founded by Tigran Honents in Ani (pp. 41-65) | Irina and Kotanjian Drambian

Form Follows Function, Function Fits Land Form in Ani (pp. 67-94) | Garbis Armen

When Was Ani Cathedral Constructed? (pp. 95-110) | Tiran Marutian

The Tetrapode Monument in Ani (pp. 111-131) | Jean-Michel Thierry

A Tale of Two Cities: Ani-Leninakan (pp. 133-140) | S. Peter Cowe

A Three Year Index 1988-1990 (pp. 141-146)









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