VOLUME 40 (1987)


•  Number 1, Spring 1987

•  Number 2, Summer 1987

•  Number 3, Fall 1987

•  Number 4, Winter 1987


Number 1, Spring 1987

Memory of My Memory (pp. 1-12) | Gerard Chaliand    

Armenian Political Violence on American Network News: An Analysis of Content (pp. 13-29) | Mark Armen and John Z. Ayanian     

Coverage of Armenian Issues in The New York Times, 1965-1983 (pp. 31-49) | Zaven V. Sinanian    

Armenian issues in the Congressional Record (pp. 51-68) | Garen Yegparian  

How and Why to Teach the Armenian Genocide (pp. 69-77) | Rouben Adalian



Number 2, Summer 1987

A Mystic's Christmas in Armenia (pp. 1-13) | James R. Russell

Chemical Composition of Armenian Coins (pp. 15-23) | Levon A. Saryan

A Study in Proportions in Armenian Church Architecture (pp. 25-102) | Garbis Armen

Moses of Khoren and the Appreciation of His Work (pp. 103-106) | Harutiune Kalayan

Remarkable Women: Special Issue of Ararat, Autumn 1968 (pp. 107-109) | Arlene Voski Avakian

Across Two Worlds (translated by Jack Antreassian and Marzbed Margossian) (pp. 109-111) | Eghishe Charents

The Policy of the Entente (pp. 111-112) | Keith M. Wilson

Dramagitakan hartser (pp. 112-114) | Berj Sabbhaghian

The Unionist Factor: The Role of the Committee of Union and Progress in the Turkish National Movement, 1905-1926 (pp. 115-119) | Erik van Zurcher

Response to Anny Bakalian (pp. 121-124) | Aharon G. Aharonian



Number 3, Fall 1987

Linguistic Assimilation and Cultural Completeness of Armenian Communities in Canada (pp. 1-15) | Garo Chichekian

Peter Najarian's Voyages: The Discourse of Negative Space (pp. 17-26) | Lorne Shirinian

Of Forgeries and Fantasies: Two Controversial Armenian Coins (pp. 27-32) | Levon A. Saryan

On the Rise of Azerbaijani National Identity and Armeno-Azerbaijani Relations (pp. 33-45) | Stephen H. Astourian

The Foreign Policy of Mithradates VI Eupator King of Pontus (pp. 47-50) | B. C. McGing

The Fortifications of Armenian Cilicia (pp. 50-55) | Robert W. Edwards

Voske Shghta (Golden Chain) (pp. 56-60) | Bagrat Ulubabian

Hai Hin ev Mijnadarian Grakanutian Patmutiun (History of ancient and medieval Armenian literature) (pp. 60-61) | Srbouhi Hairapetian

Ranchparneri Kanche. Vipask Hay Shinakannerus Kianken (The call of the peasants, stories from the life of Armenian peasants) (pp. 62-65) | Khachik Dashtents

Hoktembere ev hay zhoghovrdi azatagrakan paikare (October and the struggle for the liberation of the Armenian people) (pp. 66-70) | B. Aghayan

The Soviet Union and Iranian Azerbaijan: The Use of Nationalism for Political Penetrationm(pp. 71-73) | Donald B. Nissman

Hitler and the Armenian Genocide (pp. 74-76) | Kevork B. Bardakjian

The Modernization of Turkey: From Ataturk to the Present Day (pp. 76-80) | Walter F. Weiker



Number 4, Winter 1987

Population Statistics on Ottoman Armenians in the Context of Turkish Historiography (pp. 1-59) | Levon Marashlian         

The Reaction of the Boston Press to the 1909 Massacre of Adana (pp. 61-74) | Lillian K. Etmekjian      

The History of Armenian Professional Groups in Poland (pp. 75-120) | Edward Tryjarski     

Matthew of Edessa and his Attitude Toward the Byzantines (pp. 121-130) | Ara Dostourian  

Armenian Coin Hoards (pp. 130-132) | Paul Z. Bedoukian       

Historical Atlas of Armenia (pp. 132-134) | Armenian National Educational Council     

The Rise and Fall of the Ethnic Revival: Perspectives on Language and Ethnicity (pp. 134-138) | Joshua A. Fishman         

The Prevention of Genocide (pp. 138-139) | Leo Kuper         

The Tondrakian Movement: Religious Movements in the Armenian Church from the Fourth to the Tenth Centuries (pp. 139-142) | Vzer Nerses Nersessian

The Tragedy of the Turkish Capital Tax (pp. 141-145) | Faik Okt









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