VOLUME 38 (1985)


•  Number 1, Spring 1985

•  Number 2, Summer 1985

•  Number 3, Fall 1985

•  Number 4, Winter 1985


Number 1, Spring 1985

The Style of Violence (pp. 1-26) | Marc Nichanian

Crucifixion Without "The Cross": The Impact of the genocide on Armenian Literature (pp. 27-50) | Leonardo P. Alishan

The Theme of Armenian Genocide in Diaspora Prose (pp. 51-60) | Vahe Oshagan

The Armenian Massacres: Recollecting the Self Through Poetry (pp. 61-72) | Margaret Bedrosian

List of Armenian Literary Works Translated to English (pp. 73-122) | Geoffrey Goshgarian



Number 2, Summer 1985

Origins of Armenian Church Organizations in Ruthenia (pp. 1-12) | Kryzysztof Stopka

The Forgotten Patriot: The Life and Career of Johannes Semerjibashian in Ethiopia (pp. 13-39) | Bairu Tafla

A Structural Classification of Armenian Churches (pp. 41-70) | Garbis Armen

On the origins of Leo V, Emporer of Byzantium (813-820 A. D.) (pp. 71-75) | Armen Ovhanesian

History of Ghevond: The Eminent Vardapet of the Armenians (pp. 77-81) | Zaven Arzoumanian

Trade and Crusade: Venetian Crete and the Emirates of Menteshe and Aydin (1300-1415) (pp. 81-86) | Elizabeth A. Zachariadou

Nomads and Ottomans in Medieval Anatolia (pp. 86-96) | Rudi Paul Lindner

The Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem: Urban Life Behind Monastery Walls (pp. 96-99) | Victor Azarya

Armenia (Review of National Literatures) (pp. 100-103) | Vahe and Paolucci Oshagan

The Political and Economic Development of Modern Turkey (pp. 103-105) | William Hale

L'Armenie Sovietique depuis la mort de Staline (pp. 105-112) | Claire Mouradian



Number 3, Fall 1985

The Road to Nvarsak (pp. 1-13) | Robert H. Hewsen

Ghazar Parpetsi on Nvarsak and Vahan Mamikonian (pp. 14-28) | Dickran Kouymjian

The Treaty of Nvarsak: A Linguist's Approach (pp. 29-34) | J. J. S. Weitenberg

The Charter of Nvarsak and the Magna Carta: Historical Parallels and Granted Freedoms (pp. 35-45) | Garbis Armen

Attribution and Dating of Armenian Bilingual Trams (pp. 46-49) | Y. T. Nercessian

Crusade and Mission: European Approaches Toward the Muslims (pp. 49-51) | Benjamin Z. Kedar

Britain and the Armenian Question 1915-1923 (pp. 52-56) | Akaby Nassibian

Great Power Rivalry at the Turkish Straits: The Montreux Conference and Convention of 1936 (pp. 56-58) | Anthony Deluca

Interregional Migration in the U. S. S. R. Economic Aspects, 1959-1970 (pp. 58-61) | Peter J. Grandstaff

Intermarriage and the Armenian-American Community - A Socio-Religious Study (pp. 61-64) | Aharon G. Aharonian

The Eating of Names (pp. 64-65) | Michael Akillian

Shadows of Time (pp. 65-66) | Haig Khatchadourian



Number 4, Winter 1985

Man as Pagan, Man as Christian: A Comparison of Varoujan's "To the Dead God's" and "The Light" (pp. 1-9) | Ara Chutjian

Language Retention Among Armenian Refugee Women (pp. 11-22) | Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill

The Armenian Family and Related Topics: A Bibliography (pp. 23-40) | Anny Bakalian

The Inevitable and the Contingent in Genocide: A Review of Yehuda Bauer's "A History of the Holocaust" (pp. 41-46) | Robert Melson

Plehve: Repression and reform in Imperial Russia (pp. 47-50) | Edward H. Judge

Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: The case of the Jacobites in an Age of Transition (pp. 51-55) | John Joseph

Academies for Anatolia - A Study of the Rationale, Program and Impact of the Educatonal Institutions Sponsored by the American Board in Turkey: 1830-1980 (pp. 55-60) | Frank Andrews Stone

Prophecy and Politics, Socialism, Nationalism, and the Jews, 1862-1917 (pp. 60-64) | Jonathan Frankel

Strategy and Supply: The Anglo-Russian Alliance, 1914-1917 (pp. 64-67) | Keith Neilson

Soviet Policy Toward Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan: The Dynamics of Influence (pp. 68-70) | Alvin Z. Rubinstein

Women in Turkish Society (pp. 71-72) | Nermin Abadan-Unat

Root River Run (pp. 73-76) | David Kherdian









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