VOLUME 35 (1982)


•  Number 1, Spring 1982

•  Number 2, Summer 1982

•  Number 3, Autumn 1982

•  Number 4, Winter 1982


Number 1, Spring 1982

The Case of Deputy Krikor Zohrab (Editorial Overview) (pp. 3-9) | James H. Tashjian

Zohrab's Letters from Exile (pp. 9-26) | Kohar Aznavourian

"How Krikor Zohrab Was Murdered":The Account of a Sergeant of Gendarmes at Urfa (pp. 26-29)

The Educational "Awakening" Among the Armenian Evangelicals of Aintab, Turkey (1845-1915) (pp. 30-52) | Frank Andrews Stone

The Effect of Kiptchak Letters on Western Armenian Literatures (pp. 53-60) | Vahe Oshagan

An Unprecendented Decision of the Turkish Government Concerning Western Armenia (pp. 61-63) | Dr. Sarkis Karayan

A Page from Armenian Medical History: A Tumor Clinic in 6th Century Armenia (pp. 64-66) | Dr. Vahram H. Torkomian

Documents: Documentation of the Appearance of the Ottoman Turkish Delegation Before the Council of Four, 17 June 1919 (pp. 67-80)

Proceedings, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops (pp. 81-88)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 89-91)

Human Civil and Political Rights: The "Helsinki Accords" and Armenians (pp. 92-99)

Response to Dr. Sarkis Karayan (pp. 100-101) | Arthur G. Bedeian

Divrigi Ulu Camii ve Darussifazi (The Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrig) (pp. 102-106)

Armenia: Survival of a Nation (pp. 106-107) | Christopher J. Walker

Finding Home (pp. 107-109) | David Kherdian

Scenes From an Armenian Childhood (pp. 109-110) | Vahan Totovents



Number 2, Summer 1982

My Last Interview with Talaat Pasha (pp. 115-127) | Dr. Karekin Pasdermadjian

The Rise of Armenian Evangelicals (pp. 128-151) | Rev. Vahan H. Tootikian

"The Agricultural Society": The First Popular Movement in Western Armenia (pp. 152-164) | Saroukhan

Joseph Hekekyan and the Egyptian School in Paris (pp. 165-182) | Darrett I. Dykstra

The Evidence for the Armenian Genocide in the Writings of Two Prominent Turks (pp. 183-191) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

The Malta Episode: How the Turkish Criminals Escaped Punishment (pp. 192-195) | Haigazn K. Kazarian

Document: Public Message of the XXII World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (pp. 196-199)

The "Milan" Exhibit: Rearrest of Sergei Paradjanov (pp. 200-207) | Dickran Kouymjian

Zohrab Kaprielian (pp. 208-209)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 210-211)

Genocide and Human Rights - A Global Anthology (p. 212) | Jack Nusan Porter

Yozgadi hayasbanoutiun veverakagan badmoutiunuh (The Documentary History of the Armenocide in Yozgat) (pp. 213-214) | Krieger

Armenia, Past and Present (pp. 215-216) | Elizabeth Bauer

Marshal of Aviation S. A. Kudiakov (In honor of his 80th birthday) (pp. 216-218) | Resefve Colonael E. Koiander

Armenia, Vision of a Republic: The Independent Lobby in America 1918-1927 (pp. 218-220) | Gregory L. Aftandilian



Number 3, Autumn 1982

On a 'Statement' Condemning the Armenian Genocide of 1915-18 Attributed in Error to Mustafa Kemal, Later 'The Ataturk' (pp. 227-244) | James H. Tashjian

The Newly Discovered "Rhea Papers": Colonel James Cooper Rhea and the Zangezur Agreement 23 Nov 1919 (pp. 245-275) | Mark A. Kalustian

Romance, Reform and Revolution: The Early Armenian Cinema of Amo Bek-Nazarov (pp. 276-283) | Alexander S. Birkos

An Inquiry into the Number And Causes of Turkish Human Losses During the First World War (pp. 284-289) | Dr. Sarkis Karayan

Documents: "A List of Those Responsible for the Massacres and Deportations of the Armenians" (Part One) (pp. 290-312)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 313-318)

Caucasian Rugs in the Late Nineteenth Century, and Kerimov's Classification of Azerbaijani Rugs (pp. 319-323) | Lemyel Amirian

Hamabadger Arevmdahai Kraganoutiun (Panorama of West Armenian Literature) (pp. 324-325) | Hagop Oshagan

Turkey and the Armenian Attrocities (pp. 325-327) | Rev. Edwin M. Bliss

Last Rites (pp. 331-332) | Aram Saroyan

Remembering Willie (pp. 332-334) | Archie Minasian

Remembering Willie (p. 324) | Archie Minasian

Response to Arthur G. Bedeian (pp. 335-336) | Dr. Sarkis Karayan



Number 4, Winter 1982

The Armenian Community of Providence, Rhode Island, up to 1937 (pp. 339-361) | S. Hagopian      

Two Unpublished Eyewitness Accounts of the Holocaust of Smyrna (pp. 362-389) | Hovakim and Baghdjian Uregian      

Karabagh: History and Legend (pp. 390-398) | Lemyel Amirian   

Natural Dyes in Caucasian Rugs (pp. 398-404) | Harold Bedoukian

Technical Analysis and Recordation (pp. 404-410) | James Mark Keshishian

Some Notes on Literature Concerning Armenian Rugs (pp. 410-418) | Stella S. Rustigian   

The Lampa-Karabagh Rug (p. 419) | Viken Sassouni    

Rugs with Armenian Inscription: Progress Report on Data Bank (pp. 420-426) | Viken Sassouni   

The Armenian Knot (pp. 427-428) | Kenneth R. Schreiner  

Hagop Oshagan: An Intimate Profile (pp. 429-437) | Anahid Oshagan-Voskeritchian         

Documents: "A List of Those Responsible for the Massacres and Deportations of the Armenians" (Part Two) (pp. 438-449)

Brigade Commander S. S. Shaumian (pp. 450-451) | A. G. Kavtaradze       

Ethnic Chicago (pp. 452-453)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 454-455)









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