VOLUME 31 (1978)


•  Number 1, Spring 1978

•  Number 2, February 1979

•  Number 3, March 1979

•  Number 4, April 1979


Number 1, Spring 1978

Armenia Before the Revolution (pp. 3-16) | Karnik Kiouzalian

The Formative Period of Armenian Architecture: the 4th to the 7th Century (pp. 17-41) | Dickran Kouymjian

The Attitude of the Oriental Orthodox Churches Towards the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Ecumenical Councils (pp. 42-46) | Mesrob Vartaped K. Krikorian

The 22 Days of Marash: Papers on the Defense of the City Against Turkish Forces Jan - Feb, 1920 (Part II) (pp. 47-69)

Turkish 'Falsifiers' and Armenian 'Deceivers': Historiography and the Armenian Massacres (pp. 70-79) | Gwynne Dyer

Objectivity and the Historiography of the Armenian Genocide (pp. 79-87) | Gerard J. Libaridian

Statement of His Holiness, the Patriarch of the Armenians of Turkey (pp. 88-90) | Archbishop Shnork Kalustian

Bishop Ashjian New Prelate of Eastern American Diocese (pp. 91-92)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 93-96) 

Armenia Cradle of Civilization (pp. 97-98) | David Marshall Lang

Tar muh krakanoutiun 1850-1920 (Volume I) (pp. 98-99) | Minas Tololyan

Un Genocide Exemplaire: Armenie 1915 (pp. 99-100) | Jean-Marie Carzou

Arsha's World and Yours (pp. 100-101) | Alicia Louise Armaghanian

Index for Volume 30 (1977) of the Armenian Review (pp. 102-105) | Levon A. Saryan

An Index of the Works of Reuben Darbinian in the Armenian Review (pp. 106-112) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 2, February 1979

A Theoretical Model of Genocide, With Particular Reference to the Armenian Case (pp. 115-136) | Vahakn N. Dadrian

The Founding Years of the 'Asbarez' Newspaper (pp. 140-149) | A. K. Seklemian

Asbarez' and its First Ten Years of Life (pp. 150-156) | Hovaness Kabadayan

Origins and Development of the Fresno Armenian Community to the Year 1918 (pp. 157-173) | Toros B. Khungian

The Seropians: First Armenian Settlers in Fresno County (pp. 174-193) | Nectar Davidian

The Seropians (pp. 194-196) | James Milton Guinn

Administrative Structure of Eastern Armenia in the Last Two Decades of Persian Rule (1807-1827) (pp. 197-207) | George A. Bournoutian

Armenians Abroard: London Report (pp. 208-211)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 212-218)

Tak shli k Pobede (pp. 219-221) | Ivan Khristrovich Bagramian

Armenians in the Service of the Ottoman Empire 1860-1908 (pp. 221-222) | Mesrob K. Krikorian

Honourable Beggars (pp. 222-223) | Hagop Baronian



Number 3, March 1979

From Sasun to the Ottoman Bank: Turkish Armenians in the Mid-1890's (pp. 227-264) | Christopher J. Walker

Secret Political Trials in Soviet Armenia: "An Unendorsed Communique" (pp. 265-302)

The Utilitarian Nature of the Western Armenian Renaissance (pp. 303-309) | James Etmekjian

Economic Role of the Armenian Amira Class in the Ottoman Empire (pp. 310-316) | Hagop L. Barsoumian

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 317-318)

Armenia During the Development of Feudalism from the Middle of the 9th Century to the First Half of the 14th Century (pp. 319-320)

Great Architecture of the World (pp. 321-322) | John Julius (editor) Norwich

The Urchin: An Armenian's Escape (pp. 322-324) | Kerop Bedoukian

Four Years of the Armenian review: an index of the 1964-1967 Years (Volumes 17-20) (pp. 325-336) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 4, April 1979

World War I and the Tragedy of Armenian Self-Determination (pp. 339-361) | Alan J. Ward

The Armenian National Unity Party: Context and Program (pp. 362-370) | David Kowalewski

Vahan Tekeyan: Master of the Sonnet (pp. 371-377) | James Etmekjian

The Daylamites in the History of Aristakes Lastiverte'I (pp. 378-384) | K. N. Yuzbashyan

The System of Land Tenure in Eastern Armenia During the Last Years of Persian Rule (pp. 385-401) | George A. Bournoutian

The 22 Days of Marash: Papers on the Defense of the City Against Turkish Forces Jan - Feb, 1920 (Part III) (pp. 402-417)

Document: The 'Armenian Public Group' and the 'Helsinki Accord' (pp. 418-429)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 430-433)

Uncle George: Field Marshal Lord Milne of Salonika and Rubislaw (pp. 434-435) | Graham Nicol

Hishadagaran (pp. 435-436) | Avetik Isahakian

Never to Forget: The Jews of the Holocaust (pp. 436-437) | Milton Meltzer

Essays on Armenian Music (pp. 437-438) | Vrej (editor) Nersessian

Haygagan Sovedagan Hanrakidaran (Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Volumes 1 and 2) (pp. 439-448)









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