VOLUME 37 (1984)


•  Number 1, Spring 1984

•  Number 2, Summer 1984

•  Number 3, Autumn 1984

•  Number 4, Winter 1984


Number 1, Spring 1984

Genocide and the Reconstruction of Social Theory: Observations on the Exclusivity of Collective Death (pp. 1-21) | Irving Louis Horowitz

The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman and Turkish Historiography (pp. 22-40) | James J. Reid

"Race Problems" and the Armenian Genocide: The State Department File (pp. 41-59) | Armen Hairapetian

Documents; The State Department File (pp. 60-145)

The United States Inquiry and the Armenian Question, 1917-1919: The Archival Papers (pp. 146-163) | Armen K. Hovannisian

Documents: The US Inquiry (pp. 164-202)



Number 2, Summer 1984

The University of Gladzor (pp. 7-22) | Ashot Garegini Abrahamian       

Dayeakut'iwn in Ancient Armenia (pp. 23-47) | Robert Bedrosian  

Methods and Patterns in Hittite-Armenian Comparative Studies (pp. 48-65) | Kajak Balekjian    

Coinage of the Artaxiads (pp. 66-72) | Paul Z. Bedoukian

Coinage of Cilician Armenia (pp. 66-72) | Paul Z. Bedoukian

Selected Numismatic Studies of Paul Z. Bedoukian (pp. 66-72) | Paul Z. Bedoukian

Definitions and Division of Philosophy by David the Invincible Philosopher (pp. 72-74) | Robert W. and Kendall Thomson

Armenian Village Life Before 1914 (pp. 74-77) | Susie Hoogasian and Matossian Villa   

Supremacy and Oil (pp. 77-79) | William Stivers       

Baruyr Sevag (pp. 79-80) | Karnig Kalsdian     

Armenians in Ontario (pp. 80-84) | Robert F. Harney       

Letter of introduction (p. 85) | Association Internationale des Etudes Armeniennes (AIEA)   

Academician Mkrtich Mkrian (p. 86)



Number 3, Autumn 1984

The Emergence and Acceptance of Armenia as a legitimate Missionary Field (pp. 7-32) | Thomas Otakar Kutvirt

Coping With Massive Stressful Life Event: The Impact of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 on the Present Day health and Morale of a Group of Women Survivors (pp. 33-44) | Zarouhi Sarkisian

An Interview with Yilmaz Guney (pp. 45-49) | Siyamend Othman

Biographical Notes, Filmography, Published Books (pp. 50-57) | The Kurdish Institute

Statement of Yilmaz Guney to the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal: Session on the Genocide of the Armenians (pp. 58-59) | Yilmaz Guney

Toynbee, Turks, and Armenians (pp. 61-65) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

A Correspondence Between Marmaduke Pickhall and the Armenian Bureau of London (pp. 67-70) | Edward V. Gulbekian

Collecting Greek Coins (pp. 71-73) | John Anthony

Medieval Armenian Culture (pp. 74-77) | Thomas J. and Stone Samuelian

Armenie 1900 (pp. 77-79) | Yves and Kebabdjian Ternon

Photographies Armenienne (pp. 77-79) | Pierre Ter Sarkissian

Ermakof (pp. 77-79) | Herman Vahramian

Genocide and Human Rights - A Global Anthology (pp. 79-82) | Jack Nusan Porter

Ararat (pp. 83-85) | D. M. Thomas

Response to Gary and Susan Lind-Sinanian (pp. 87-90) | Susan K. Blair



Number 4, Winter 1984

Armenian Wedding Customs 1914: From Sacred to Profane (pp. 1-13) | Florence Mazian

Excuses for Inhumanity: The Official German Response to the 1915 Armenian Genocide (pp. 14-30) | Susan K. Blair

The Development of the Mission to the Armenians at Constantinople through 1846 (pp. 31-62) | Thomas Otakar Kutvirt

On the History of the Battle of Garni (pp. 63-71) | Hayrapet Margarian

Armenian Numismatic Bibliography and Literature (pp. 72-74) | Y. T. Nercessian

Les Grandes Puissances, l'Empire ottoman et les Armeniens dans les archives francaises (1914-1918) (pp. 75-78) | Arthur Beylerian

Transcaucasia: Nationalism and Social Change (pp. 78-84) | Ronald Grigor Suny

Torn Between Two Lands: Armenians in America, 1890 to World War I (pp. 85-91) | Robert Mirak

The Armenians: From Genocide to Resistance (pp. 91-98) | Gerard and Ternon Chaliand

La Cause Armenienne (pp. 98-101) | Yves Ternon

Christliche Gruppen im Libanon: Kampf um Ideologie und Herrschaft in einer unfertigen Nation (pp. 101-103) | Michael Kuderna

Births (pp. 103-106) | William Saroyan

Saroyan: A Biography (pp. 106-109) | Lawrence and Gifford Lee









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