VOLUME 33 (1980)


•  Number 1, Spring 1980

•  Number 2, Summer 1980

•  Number 3, Autumn 1980

•  Number 4, Winter 1980


Number 1, Spring 1980

Two Studies on Armenian Rugs (pp. 3-29) | Armenag Sakisian

Marxism, Nationalism, and the Armenian Labor Movement in Transcaucasia, 1890-1908 (pp. 30-47) | Ronald Grigor Suny

Some Notes on German Influence on Western Armenian Literature in the Nineteenth Century (pp. 48-64) | Vahe Oshagan

A Note on Lawrence of Arabia and the Armenians (pp. 65-74) | Levon A. Saryan

Document: The 'Armenian Papers' of the Conference of San Remo (Part III – Conclusion) (pp. 75-88)

Histories of Armenian Communities in Turkey (pp. 89-96) | Dr. Sarkis Karayan

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 97-99)

Academe (pp. 100-107)

Response to Dickran Kouymjian (p. 108) | Leo and Assadourian Hamalian

Moses Khorenatsi: History of the Armenians (pp. 109-110) | Robert W. Thomson

Armenians in the Service of the Ottoman Empire 1860-1908 (pp. 111-112) | Mesrob K. Krikorian



Number 2, Summer 1980

The Armenian Colony of Egypt During the Reign of Muhammad Ali (1805-1848) (pp.115-144) | Rouben Adalian

The Development of Armenian Music from the Fifth Century to the Fifteenth (Part I) (pp. 145-161) | Deacon Zohrab Shamlian         

Document: Rejection of the Armenian Mandate by the Senate of the United States (Part I) (pp. 162-196)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 197-201)

Armenian Art (pp. 202-204) | Sirarpie Der Nersessian

Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem (pp. 205-206) | Bezalel Narkiss  

Traditional Designs of Armenia and the Near East to Color (pp. 206-207) | Ramona Jablonski   

Les Armeniens dans La Region Rhone-Alpes (pp. 207-208) | Aida Boudjikanian-Keuroghlian        

Anthology of Armenian Poetry (pp. 208-209) | Diana and Margossian Der Hovanesian  

Armenian Poetry Old and New: A Bilingual Anthology (pp. 208-209) | Aram Tolegian   

Academe (pp. 210-213)

The Antiquitarian: An Armenian Cylinder (pp. 214-215) | Mark A. Kalustian   

The Khamshels: Another Deported Nationality (pp. 216-217)

Haig Berberian (pp. 218-220) | Dickran Kouymjian

Index for Volume 32 (1979) of the Armenian Review (pp. 221-224) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 3, Autumn 1980

Two Interviews with Simon Vratzian, Fourth Prime Minister of Independent Armenia (pp. 227-245) | Harold Kachig Kachigian

The Newly Discovered English Language Journals or Work Books of Reuben Darbinian (Part I - Preface) (pp. 246-268) | James H. Tashjian

The Development of Armenian Music from the Fifth Century to the Fifteenth (Part II) (pp. 269-279) | Deacon Zohrab Shamlian

Document: Rejection of the Armenian Mandate by the Senate of the United States (Part II) (pp. 280-314 )

Gayane: A Traditional Armenian Church Revisited (pp. 315-319) | Claude Cox

From Van to Kharpert (Harput) (pp. 319-322) | Theresa Kalousdian Brundage

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 323-325)

London Community Launches New Periodical - 'Momentum' (p. 326)

On "Polish King Jan III Sobieski" (p. 327) | Dr. Constantine R. Jurgela

Christian Minorities of Turkey (pp. 328-329)

My Story (pp. 329-330) | Stephen M. Barooshian

Les Armeniens: Histoire d'un Genocide (p. 331) | Yves Ternon

Essays on Armenian Music (pp. 332-336) | Vrej (editor) Nersessian



Number 4, Winter 1980

Numismatic Art of Armenia (pp. 343-350) | Paul Z. Bedoukian

The Earliest Origins of the Armenian People (pp. 351-358) | John A. C. Greppin

Armenian Art and the Armenian Classroom in the Cathedral of Learning at Pittsburgh University (pp. 359-370) | Dozentin Dr. S. C. Edith Neubauer  

The Armenian Essence: An Overview (pp. 371-376) | Vahe Oshagan  

Notes on the Constants in Armenian Culture (pp. 377-382) | Vahe Oshagan    

Armenian Rugs (pp. 383-410) | Viken Sassouni    

Document: 'Maintenance of Peace in Armenia': A Senatorial Subcommittee Debates SJR 106, 'The Williams Resolution', 1919 (Part I) (pp. 411-443)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 444-447)









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