VOLUME 32 (1979)


•  Number 1, Spring 1979

•  Number 2, Summer 1979

•  Number 3, Autumn 1979

•  Number 4, Winter 1979


Number 1, Spring 1979

The 80th of the Hairenik Daily: An Editorial Introduction (pp. 3-10 )

Trial and Triumph: How the Hairenik Was Born (pp. 11-19) | Thomas Charshafjian       

Hairenik and Its Workers: Memories of Seventeen Years (pp. 20-43) | H. H. Chakmakjian       

The Hairenik and the A. R. F. in America (pp. 44-60) | Dr. N. D. S. Tashjian     

The Hairenik in 1901 (p. 61) | H. Amadouni       

The Hairenik Press 1906-1916 (pp. 62-63) | M. Sandal  

The Odyssey of the Hairenik (pp. 64-65)

The Royal Blood of Armenian (pp. 66-78) | Major General A. B. A. de (Prince de Conde) Bourbon     

The Early Career of Aram Manoogian (pp. 79-87) | Rouben and Vratzian Ter Minassian         

Report From Turkey: The Patriarch's Annual Report for 1978 (pp. 88-90) | Archbishop Shnork Kalustian

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 91-93)

Document: A British Memorandum (1918) on Policy towards Russia (pp. 94-99)

A Catalogue of Medieval Armenian Manuscripts in the United States (pp. 100-105) | Avedis K. Sanjian         

Armenian Settlements in India from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (pp. 105-107) | Anne Basil         

Viceversagrams: Turnaround Truths (p. 107) | Puzant Kevork Thomajan  

Index for Volume 31 (1978-1979) of the Armenian Review (pp. 108-111) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 2, Summer 1979

An Introduction to Two Studies of the Armenian Community of Lebanon (pp. 115-118) | Dickran Kouymjian

The Social, Political and Religious Structure of the Armenian Community in Lebanon (pp. 119-130) | Hratch Bedoyan

Armenian Business in Lebanon (pp. 131-133) | Meguerditch Bouldoukian

Populism, Nationalism and Marxism: The Origins of Revolutionary Parties Among the Armenians of the Caucasus (pp. 134-151) | Ronald Grigor Suny

Moses Khorenatsi (pp. 152-162) | Nicol Aghbalian

Massacre or Genocide: an Essay in Personal Biography and Objective Experience (pp. 163-171) | Leon A. Chorbajian

Worcester Winter (pp. 172-174) | Puzant Kevork Thomajan

Document: A British War Cabinet Debate (1918) on Policy Towards Armenia (pp. 175-201)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 202-203)

Armenians Abroad: A Report from Sydney (p. 204)

Institute of Armenian Music and its Musicarmenia '78 (pp. 205-209)

Academe (pp. 210-215)

Essays on Armenian Music (pp. 216-218) | Vrej (editor) Nersessian

Moses Khorenatsi: History of the Armenians (pp. 218-220) | Robert W. Thomson

Politiques literaires en U.R.S.S. (p. 220) | Chake Der Melkonian-Minasian

An Index for the 'Armenian Quarterly' of 1946 (pp. 221-223) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 3, Autumn 1979

The Second World (Untanoor) Congress of the Armenian Revolution Federation (pp. 228-266) | Simon Vratzian

Two Glossaries for the Assistance of Researchers in the History of the Armenian Revolution Federation (pp. 267-279) | Dr. Yervant Khatanassian

The Date of the Coronation of Levon I According to Armenian and Western Sources (pp. 280-291) | Ani Atamian

Birds, Bees and Barley: Pagan Origins of Armenian Spring Rituals (pp. 292-302) | Mary Kilbourne Matossian

Chingiz-Khan According to the 13-14th Century Armenian Sources (pp. 303-309) | Robert Bedrosian

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 310-312)

Response to Gwynne Dyer (pp. 313-316) | Marjorie Housepian

Response to Marjorie Housepian (pp. 316-320) | Gwynne Dyer

Document: The 'Armenian Papers' of the Conference of San Remo (Part I) (pp. 321-336



Number 4, Winter 1979

Political Persecution: Armenian Prisoners of the Caucasus (pp. 339-385) | Edouard (Khachatour Maloumian) Aknouni   

Polish King Jan III Sobieski's Letter to the Armenian Catholicos Nahaned I (pp. 386-397) | M. Hovhannisian     

Armenian Studies and Language Research in Yerevan During the Soviet Period (pp. 398-402) | John A. C. Greppin     

The Bi-Polar Structure of Nationalism: A Conceptual Approach (pp. 403-405) | Vahakn N. Dadrian

The Armenian Language and Its History (pp. 406-410) | Ararat S. Gharibian

Soviet Uzbeks and Armenians: Past and Present (pp. 411-418) | Harold R. Battersby   

Document: The 'Armenian Papers' of the Conference of San Remo (Part II) (pp. 419-437)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 438-439)

Armenian Art (pp. 440-442) | Sirarpie Der Nersessian

Accounting for Genocide: National Responses and Jewish Victimization during the Holocaust (pp. 442-443) | Helen Fein

Obituaries (pp. 444-445) | William Saroyan     

Response to Dr. Sarkis Karayan (p. 446) | Stella S. Rustigian   

Response to the Armenian Review (pp. 446-447) | Robert H. Hewsen     









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