VOLUME 9 (1956)


•  Number 2, Summer 1956

•  Number 4, Winter 1956


Number 2, Summer 1956

Soviet Efforts to Control the Armenian Church Abroad (pp. 3-15) | Reuben Darbinian

Interrelations of Etchmiadzin and Cilician Patriarchal Sees (pp. 16-31) | M. Herardian

Poems (p. 32) | Charlotte Markarian

Free Communication Under International Law, (IV) (pp. 33-42) | Dr. George P. Rice

Gego's Little Acre (pp. 43-58) | Avetis Aharonian

My Prayer (pp. 59) | Lootfi Minas

Physical Education in Early Armenia (Part II) (pp. 60-81) | James H. Tashjian

On Stars (pp. 82-83) | P.K. Thomajan

The Professor Rebels (pp. 84-92) | Armen Saninian

On Professor Sevag's 'Origins of Resistance' (pp. 93-97) | Dr. Ethan Allan Brown

To A Land I Have Never Traveled (p. 98) | Diana Der Hovanessian

Kane Simonian (p. 99) | John Baronian

Part III. Armenia and the Armenians: Armenian Literature (p. 102) | Professor J. Orbeli

Part III. Armenia and the Armenians: The Poetry of Armenia (p. 103-105) | Artasches Abeghian

Part III. Armenia and the Armenians: Marshalls and Generals of Armenian Origin in the Service of Various Nations (pp. 106)

Part III. Armenia and the Armenians: Scholars of Armenian Origin (pp. 107-109)

Dadirrian V. Yacubian (Text of a Legal Finding) (pp. 110-112)

The Sea Is My Home (pp. 113-121) | John Megherian

Portrait of a Mother (p. 122) | Alice Arutunjan

From the Armistice to the Treaty of Sevres (Part I) (pp. 123-142) | Rita Jerrehian

The Cyclone that Struck our Land" (Part III), (Memoirs of H. Bagdasarian) (pp. 143-154) | Vahan Minakhorian

Within the Taurus; a Journey in Asiatic Turkey (p. 155) | Lord Kinross

In an Anatolian Valley (pp. 155-156) | Ada Pierce Chambers

The Formation of the Soviet Union; Communism and Nationalism (p. 156) | Richard Pipes

A Village in Anatolia (p. 157) | Mahmut Maka

Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar (p. 157) | Kevork H. Gulian

American Agencies Interested in International Affairs (p. 157) | Ruth and Wasson Savord

Armenian Suite (p. 157) | Richard Yardumian

Gayane" Ballet Suite (p. 158) | Aram Khatchaturian

Russian Imperial and Soviet Foreign Policy (p. 158) | Dr. Frank Nowak

Mama I Love You (pp. 158-159) | William Saroyan

Song of America (pp. 159-160) | George Mardikian



Number 4, Winter 1956

Soviet Armenia after Stalin (pp. 3-11) | Mary Kilbourne Matossian

The Struggle Around the Armenian Church (pp. 12-23) | Reuben Darbinian

IV. Musings on Life and Art (pp. 24-25) | Hovsep Pushman

Figures from the Armenian Revolution (From the Works of Roubed Der Minassian (pp. 26-33) | James G. Mandalian

Property Rights in Public Address (pp. 34-47) | Dr. George P. Rice

Backyards of Boston (p. 48) | Lootfi Minas

And They Say: "What's in a Name?" (pp. 49-52) | Lucy Barajikian

Russian Imperial and Soviet Foreign Policy (pp. 53-62) | Dr. Frank Nowak

Extrovert vs. Introvert (Musings) (pp. 63) | P.K. Thomajan

The Armenian Woman in History (pp. 64-71) | Shokram Baggs

The Woman in the Window (Word Sketch) (p. 72) | H. Prokloff Renick

Archbishop Poladian on the Church in Soviet Armenia (pp. 73-75) | Peter Faradian

The Armenian Plum, Clay and Mouse (pp. 76-83) | H. Babessian

Get a Horse!" (pp. 84-89) | Kenneth J. Barsamian

Birth (p. 90) | John Vartoukian

Armenia and Rome - Critical Research and the Historical Truth (pp. 91-105) | Dr. Arshak Safrastian

The Priceless Cross (pp. 106-107) | Adrienne Haroutunian

When the Bolshevicks Attacked Our Hospital (pp. 108-111) | Dr. H.S. Varvarian

Two Poems (p. 112) | Marguerite Bargamian

Abandonment of the Armenian Question As An International Issue (pp. 113-122) | Rita Jerrehian

Riverside Park (pp. 123-124) | L. Serebrakian

The Lady of Lebanon (pp. 125-131) | Ellen Puzant

Soviet Socialism" (A Photoplay Scenario) (pp. 132-149) | Arthur Arzrouni

The Cyclone that Struck Our Land" (Part V), (Memoirs of H. Bagdasarian) (pp. 150-157) | Vahan Minakhorian

Europa Minor: Journeys in Coastal Turkey (p. 158) | Lord Kinross

The Whole Voyald and other Stories (pp. 158-159) | William Saroyan









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