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Armenian Review
Volume 52 • no. 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2010)

Cilician Armenia and Its Fifteen Peace Treaties (1185–1337)
Claude Mutafian

The Treaty of 1639 and Its Consequences for Armenia and the Armenians
R. Ali Kavani

"No War—No Peace": The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Aram A. Yengoyan

The Origins of Armenian Genocide Denial and the League of Nations Humanitarianism 1920–1922
Keith David Watenpaugh

The Issues of Legal Validity of Peace Treatis in Armenia and Relating to Armenia: An International Legal Analysis
Vladimir D. Vardanyan

From the 1915 Allied Joint Declaration to the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres: Back to an International Criminal Law in Progress
Sévane Garibian

Yielding More to Gain the Essential: The Factor of Timing in the Context of the Russian-Armenian Treaty of 1997
Rouben Shougarian

Armenia in International Environmental Conventions
Lusine Taslakyan

erdumn, uχt, caṙayut‛iwn: Armenian aristocrats as diplomatic partners of Eastern Roman Emperors, 387-884/885 AD
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller


Antonina Mahari, My Odyssey
Avedis Hadjian

Onnik S. Xnkikyan, Syunik During the Bronze and Iron Ages
Vartan Matiossian

Magdi Guirguis, An Armenian Artist in Ottoman Egypt. Yuhanna
al-Armani and His Coptic Icons

Alyson Wharton

Volume 51 • Number 1-4 (Fall-Winter 2009)

Civil Society for whom and for what?
Asbed Kotchikian & Susan Spice

(Re)Claiming the Emancipatory Potential of Civil Society:  A Critical Examination of Civil Society and Democracy Building Programs in Armenia since 1991
Armine Ishkanian

The Limits and Opportunities of Civil Society in Conflict Resolution: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh
Irina Ghaplanyan

The New Media Democracy: Electronic Media’s Influence on Armenia
Eleeza Vorperian Agopian

Whose Space, Whose Interests? Clashes within Armenian Diasporic Civil Society
Sossie Kasbarian


Azat Yeghiazaryan, Daredevils of Sasun: Poetics of an Epic. Translated from Armenian by S. Peter Cowe
Earl R. Anderson


Nadia H. Wright, Respected Citizens: The History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia
George Bournoutian

Mehmet S. Tezçakin and Güçlü Kayral, Banknotes of Ottoman Empire
Levon A. Saryan

Dikran Mesrob Kaligian, Armenian Organization and Ideology under Ottoman Rule 1908-1914
Bedross Der Matossian








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