VOLUME 12(1959-1960)


•  Number 1, Spring 1959

•  Number 2, Summer 1959

•  Number 3, Autumn 1959

•  Number 4, Winter 1960


Number 1, Spring 1959

Harput Revisited (pp. 3-14) | Colonel George Juskalian

Armenia and the Dispersion Mentality (pp. 15-29) | Meroojan Ozanian

The Miracle of Prayer: Dawn Thoughts (p. 30) | P.K. Thomajan

Caeser Little (pp. 31-39) | Garo Tolumjian

The First Armenian Church in Europe (pp. 40-42) | J. Vriese

Ten Thousand Cities (p. 43) | Dr. V.A. Avakian

The King Who Was Short-Changed (pp. 44-48) | Normand C. Depillo

Suren Ermoyan (pp. 49-51) | Ara Shirazian

Heroines of the Armenian Revolution (pp. 52-59) | A. Gulkhandanian

Call the Wind Silent Tear (p. 60) | Hrair Derderian

Saroyan's 'Rock Wagram': A Psycho-Social Character Study (pp. 61-68) | Levon Sarkisian

Under the Shadow of Death (Reminiscences) (pp. 69-76) | Garabed H. Aaronian

Poems (p. 77) | Diana and League Der Hovanessian

Origin and Development of Eastern Monasticism (pp. 78-83) | Grigor Abegha

An Inquiry into the Turkish Massacres of 1894-1897 (pp. 84-96) | Gregory Arabian

The Misunderstood Disease (p. 97) | Yeghia-Baghdad

A History of Armenis (Chapter IV) (pp. 98-109) | Hrand Pasderrmajian

The Daughter of the Armenian (pp. 110-111) | Nuver Koumyan

Origin of the Names 'Armenia' and 'Armenian' (pp. 112-113) | John R. Mardick

A Datchig for Hairig (A Drama: Part II) (pp. 114-157) | Banklian, Armen



Number 2, Summer 1959

Role of the Armenians in World Civilization (pp. 3-13) | Vahan Professor Totomiantz

To Khallo (p. 14) | Charlotte Markarian

A Visit to the Grave of Fritdiof Nansen (pp. 15-20) | Professor M.G. Sevag

Watermelon Patch, Kharpet (p. 21) | Diana Der Hovanessian

Intellectual Inquiry in the Liberal Arts Curriculum (pp. 22-32) | Lawrence Terzian

Silence is a Golden Rule Tonight (p. 33) | Normand C. De Pillo

Legal Dimensions of the Field of Speech (pp. 34-37) | Dr. George P. Rice

Bogcha (A Memory) (p. 38) | P.K. Thomajan

Vahan Kurkjian as a 'Historian' (pp. 39-63) | James G. Mandalian

The Legend of Akhtamar (A Ballad) (pp. 64-66) | Robert H. Hewsenian

Why Armenian Communist Historians are Criticized (pp. 67-69) | N. Arissian

Ode to Cyprus (p. 70) | Christos Bazakas

Levon VI and an Imposter (pp. 71-77) | Ashot Arzruni

A Summary of Armenian History Up to and Including the Year 1915 (pp. 78-97) | Arnold Toynbee

The Soviet Nationalities Policy as Reflected at the Twenty-first Party Congress (pp. 98-101) | S. Torosyan

A Comparison of Armenian and Foreign Gods (pp. 102-104) | Hovaness Babessian

A Fleeting Moment ( p. 105) | Hrair Derderian

The Formation of the Armenian Independent Republic (Part I) (pp. 106-120) | Dr. Vahe Sarafian

Nowadays Everybody Goes Around with Beards (pp. 121-122 ) | Yeghia-Baghdad

Aksel Bakounts and the Literature of Soviet Armenia (pp. 123-125) | L. Mikirtichian

Heroines of the Armenian Revolution (Part II) (pp. 126-131) | A. Gulkhandanian

An Inquiry into the Turkish Massacres of 1894-1897 (Part II) (pp. 132-140) | Gregory Arabian

The Last of the Mohigians (A Drama) (Part I) (pp. 141-150) | Nishan Parlakian

From the History of Armenian Social Movement (pp. 151-153) | Vahan Reshduni

Memoirs Contained in Armenian Manuscripts of the Fifteenth Century (pp. 153-154) | L.S. Khatchikian

Serfdom and Peasant Movements in Armenia from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Century (pp. 154-156) | S.B. Boghossian

Armenian Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (pp. 156-160) | Soviet Armenia



Number 3, Autumn 1959

Eight Days in a Chekist Prison (pp. 3-14) | Hovhannes Kadjaznouni

Everyone Should Be Armenian! (pp. 15-21) | Charles Tekeyan

Role of the Armenians in World Civilization (Part II) (pp. 22-30) | Vahan Professor Totomiantz

Aghbiur Serop (From a copy of "Droshag", Geneva, 1907); From the Armenian Revolution (pp. 31-42)

Dodge that Halo…Passn the Praise (p. 43) | P.K. Thomajan

The Art of Armenia (pp. 44-46) | Helen Rubisow

Songs of Ovajik (Part I) (pp. 47-58) | Aharon Dadourian

A Summary of Armenian History Up To and Including the Year 1915 (Part II) (pp. 59-74) | Arnold Toynbee

The Hidden Thought (p. 75) | Hrair Derderian

Situation in the Caucasus Between 1910-1920 (pp. 76-86) | Vahan Papazian

Three Verses (pp. 87-88) | V. Durgarian

Ardavazt III and Roman Perfidies (pp. 89-94) | Noubar Maxoudian

Dates of Founding of Historic Armenian Churches (pp. 95-96) | K. Basmadjian

The Formation of the Armenian Independent Republic (Part II) (pp. 97-107) | Dr. Vahe Sarafian

A Handful of Earth (pp. 108-109) | Prof. Donabed Lulejian

Iranian and Armenian Contributions to the Beginnings of Gothic Architecture (pp. 110-124) | Arthur Upham Pope

Prayers Heard (pp. 125-126) | Eghia Baghdad

An Inquiry into the Turkish Massacres of 1894-1897 (Part III) (pp. 127-133) | Gregory Arabian

A History of Armenia (Chapter IV) (pp. 134-144) | Hrand Pasdermajian

The Last of the Mohigians (pp. 145-159) | Nishan Parlakian



Number 4, Winter 1960

Our Present Immigration Law and Why So Few Armenians are Admitted (pp. 3-11) | Suren N, Saroyan

Armenian Morning Song (p. 12) | Baron Mikan

Correspondence Between His Holiness Zareh I, Catholicos of the Illustrious House of Cilicia, and the Armenian General Benevolent Union, A Documentary Study (pp. 13-25)

Khalil Pasha's Meeting With Aram (pp. 26-21) | A. Shahkhatouni

Shall We Curb the U.S. Supreme Court? (pp. 33-38) | George P. Rice

In the Aftermath of Khrushchev's Visit (pp. 39-50) | Reuben Darbinian

Kh-mah (p. 51) | Kevork Thomajan

Korun's Biography of Mashtotz (pp. 52-55)

The Armenian National Congress in Paris (pp. 56-65) | Vahan Papazian

Pep", In Loving Memory of Hurad Van Der Bedrossian (p. 66) | B. Der Bedrosian

Restaurateur Gazar (pp. 68-71) | Edward Boyajian

Role of the Armenians in World Civilization (Part III) (pp. 72-84) | Vahan Professor Totomiantz

Upon Reading Omar Khayyam (p. 85) | K.G. Ajemian

To Those Who Seek "New Paths" (pp. 86-96) | Artasjes Tchillingarian

Songs of Ovajik (Part II-Conclusion) (pp. 97-104) | Aharon Dadourian

Two Valuable Studies I. The Cathedral of Etchmiadzin (pp. 105-107) | H. Babessian

Two Valuable Studies II. Early Christianity in Armenia (pp. 108-110) | H. Babessian

An Eulogy to Handel, Artavazd At Ararat (p. 111) | V. Durgarian

A History of Armenia (Chapter V) (pp. 112-128) | Hrand Pasdermajian

The Alien Guilt (pp. 129-133) | Hrair Derderian

Power Everywhere; As Daylight Fades; And At the End Does Vanity Transcend?

When Fate Smiles (pp. 134-135) | Laura Bardakjian

Four Verses (p. 136) | Diana Der Hovanessian

A Summary of Armenian History Up To and Including the Year 1915 (Part III) (pp. 137-150) | Arnold Toynbee

The Prayer (pp. 151-160) | Pailak Sanassar









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