VOLUME 28 (1975)


•  Number 1, Spring 1975

•  Number 2, Summer 1975

•  Number 3, Autumn 1975

•  Number 4, Winter 1975


Number 1, Spring 1975

The Formation of Catholic and Protestant Millets in the Ottoman Empire (pp. 3-15) | Vartan H. Artinian

The Cypres Episode: Some Lessons from Turkish History (pp. 16-23) | Vahakn N. Dadrian

The Chester Oil Concession and the Lausanne Treaty (pp. 24-38) | James W. Gerard

The Legend and Lettes of Abgar, 'King of Armenia' (pp. 39-44) | W.R. Jones

Soviet Power: In Quest of Stability or World Conquest? (pp. 45-51) | Pierre Papazian

Mikayel Nalbandyan and His Tract 'Agriculture as the True Way' (Part iv, concluded) (pp. 52-68) | Leon D. Megrian

Document: Ottoman Turkish 'Reform Rescripts' of the XIXth Century: The Firman and Hatti-i-Humayun of 1856 (pp. 69-73) 

Document: Anniversary of the Turkish Massacre of the Armenians (pp. 74-84)

Document: Armenians Abroad: A Report from Sydney (pp. 85-99)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 100-103)

Mkhitar Heratsi: XII Century Physician (pp. 104-107) | Ardzroun Sargis Ktsoyan

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 108-110)

A Search for Fresh Manuscript Stuies in Fields Related to the Mission of The Armenian Review (p. 112)



Number 2, Summer 1975

The Arrest and Incarceration of the Armenian Intellectuals at Ayash: April 24, 1915 - July 25, 1915 (pp. 115-137) | Levon A. Saryan

Sebeos: A Historical Controversy (pp. 138-16) | George A. Bournoutian

Attempts at Armenian's Political Liberation, 18-19 Centuries (pp. 147-157) | Ara Caprielian

1915: The Darkest Year (pp. 158-165) | Aram Terzian

The Language of the Armenians (Part III, Conclusion) (pp. 166-179) | Nicol Aghbalian

Bibliography: The Deportation and Massacres of the Armenian Population of the Ottoman Empire, 1915-1922: Bibliography and Non-Armenian Sources (pp. 180-192 ) | Richard G. Hovannisian

Document I: Disturbances in Erzeroum (1890) (pp. 193-194)

Documnt II: (Same) (pp. 195-198)

Document III: Instructions to Consul General Wilson for His Guidance in Anatolia (1879) (pp. 199-200)

Document IV: The Rights of the Armenians: Tewfik Pasha to Turkish Representatives Abroad (1896) (pp. 201-202)

Document V: Extracts from the Treaty of Paris (1856) (pp. 203-204)

Document VI: Protocols of Conferences of the Powers (1860) (p. 205)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 206-208)

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 209-212)

Mirza Malkum Khan. A Study in the History of Iranian Modernism (pp. 213-216) | Hamid Algar

Passage to Ararat (pp. 216-221) | Michael J. Arlen



Number 3, Autumn 1975

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 332-336)

A Bicentennial History of the Armenian Community of Massachusetts with a prefatory on the origins of the Armenian settlement of America (pp. 227-264) | James H. Tashjian

The Founding and Establishment of the Armenian Community of Richmond, Virginia (pp. 265-271) | Horen Henry Magarian

Armenians in Cities (pp. 272-282) | Andrew Mark Christopher

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Soviet Armenia (pp. 283-311) | Ara Caprielian

The Impact of Arab Domination on Armenian Religious and Political Institutions (pp. 312-324) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

Recent Trens in the Distribution and Ethnic Homogeneity of the Armenians of the U.S.S.R." a Brief Statistical Survey (pp. 325-331) | Garo Chichekian



Number 4, Winter 1975

A House Sub-committee Hearing on the Turkish Genocide: the Hays-Burke Incident (pp. 339-390)

Observations on the Armenians in Lebanon Made in 1970-1973 (pp. 391-409) | Harry Corbin

A Note on the New Orthography Used in the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (pp. 410-414) | Arra S. Avakian

A Few Thoughts on Culture and Identity (pp. 415-417) | Nicol Aghbalian

Document: Turkish Cipher Telegrams (pp. 418-425)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 426-428)

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 429-434) | Levon A. Saryan

Constantine Porphyrogenitus (pp. 435-436) | Arnold Toynbee

Mkhitar Heratsi: XII Century Physician (436-439) | Ardzroun Sargis Ktsoyan

The Armenian Review 1972-1974: A Three Year Index (pp. 440-447) | Levon A. Saryan









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