VOLUME 25 (1972)


•  Number 1, Spring 1972

•  Number 2, Summer 1972

•  Number 3, Autumn 1972

•  Number 4, Winter 1972


Number 1, Spring 1972

The Armenian Church and the Papacy in the Fourteenth Century: Richard Fitzralph's Critique of Armenian Christianity (pp. 3-8) | W.R. Jones

Twenty-Five Years of The Armenian Review (p. 9) | The Editors

The Tanzimat Reforms and Their Effect on the Armenians in Turkey (pp. 10-23) | James Etmekjian

Armenians and Greeks in the Byzantine Empire (pp. 24-31) | Peter Charanis

Hidden Cathedral (p. 32) | Diana Der Hovanessian

The Armenian Community of Isfahan in the Seventeenth Century (Part II - Conclusion) (pp. 33-51) | George A. Bournoutian

The Eastern Question and the Armenian Case (Part III) (pp. 52-60) | Ph.D. Donabedian

Journal of a Journey to the Near East (Part V) (pp. 61-70) | Walter George Smith

The Republic of Armenia (Volume I: The First Year, 1918-1919) (pp. 71-73) | Richard G. Hovannisian

United and Independent Turania: Aims and Designs of the Turks (pp. 73-74) | D.J. Brill Zarevand

The Smyrna Affair (pp. 75-80) | Marjorie Housepian



Number 2, Summer 1972

A Memorandum to the Secretary of State on a Proposed Statement on Armenia's International Rights (pp. 3-21) | Vahan Cardashian

On the Medieval 'Corpus Juris' of Mekhitar Kosh (pp. 22-33) | K.A. Toroyan

A Turkish Military Court Tries the Principal Genocidists of the District of Yozgat (pp. 34-39) | Haigazn K. Kazarian

The 'Epilogue' of 'David of Sassoun' (pp. 40-41) | Zaven Nalbandian

As Awkward Guests (p. 42) | Harold Bond

Journal of a Journey to the Near East (Part VI, Conlcusion) (pp. 43-54) | Walter George Smith

Diary of a Journey of Walter George Smith to the International Philarmenian League, November 2, 1920 - January 31, 1921 (pp. 55-75) | Walter George Smith

A History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Part V) (pp. 76-80 ) | Michael Varandian



Number 3, Autumn 1972

A Phase of the Monothelite Controversy: Attempts in the Sevenh Century A.D. for Ecclesiastical Union Between the Byzantine Imperial Church and the Armenian Church (pp. 3-16) | Basil W.B. Jenkins

Settlement Geography of Armenians of Fresno (Part I) (pp. 17-33) | Armen Don Minasian

The Establishment of an American Protestant Mission to the Armenians, 1810-1830 (pp. 34-49) | Thomas Otakar Kutvirt

On Certain Terms Found in the Work of Eznik of Koghp (pp. 50-58) | Dr. A.A. Abrahamyan

The Massacres and Deportations at Papert: Findings of a Turkish Military Court (pp. 59-67) | Haigazn K. Kazarian

A Note on Soviet Policies Toward the Armenian Language (pp. 68-76) | Siran Grigorian

April 24: an Admonishment (pp. 77-79) | Vahan Cardashian



Number 4, Winter 1972

A Booklength Research Special: An Inquiry Into the Statistics of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians 1915-1918 (pp. 3-44) | MD. Karajian

Tracing Armenian Ethnic Names in Assyro-Babylonian and Hittite Inscriptions (pp. 45-50) | Vartouhie Calantar Nalbandian

Settlement Geography of Armenians of Fresno (Part II) (pp. 51-69) | Armen Don Minasian

A History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Part VI) (pp. 70-78) | Michael Varandian

Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable? (pp. 79-80) | Violet M. Cummings









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