VOLUME 29 (1976)


•  Number 1, Spring 1976

•  Number 2, Summer 1976

•  Number 3, Autumn 1976

•  Number 4, Winter 1976


Number 1, Spring 1976

Eyewitness Account of the Massacres at Harpoot (pp. 3-21) | Mrs. Harriet Atkinson

An Album of Rare Photographs from the Collection of Mrs. Atkinson (pp. 22-25)

The First Armeno-Mongol Negotiations (pp. 26-37) | A. G. Galstyan

The Armenian National Assembly of Turkey and Reform (pp. 38-52) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

The Armenian American Society: A Factor in American-Turkish Relations, 1919-1924 (pp. 53-75) | Thomas A. Bryson

America as Mandatory for Armenia (pp. 76-84) | Vahan Cardashian

Document: Correspondence from the British Archives (pp. 85-91)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 92-93)

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 94-100) | Levon A. Saryan

Turkey: Torture and Political Persecution (pp. 101-102) | Jane Cousins

St. Nerses, the Gracious: 800th Anniversary, 1173-1973 (pp. 102-103) | Arshak Sahakian

Rouben Mamoulian (pp. 104-105) | Tom Milne

The Survivor (p. 105) | Terrence Des Pres

Index of Volume 28 (1975) of the Armenian Review (pp. 106-110) | Levon A. Saryan

Recent Publications (p. 111)



Number 2, Summer 1976

From Brest-Litovsk to Lausanne: the Memoirs of General Gorganian (pp. 115-136) | General Gabriel Gorganian

Plowing Song of Lori as Sung in the Village of Vardablour (pp. 137-166) | Gomidas Vartabed

Armenian Cultural and Political Contributions to Reform in Turkey (pp. 167-191) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

An Eyewitness Report on the Situation in Lebanon (pp. 192-204) | Archbishop Karekin Sarkissian

Document: Correspondence from the British Archives (pp. 205-218)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 219-220)

A Journey to Arzrum (pp. 221) | Alexander Pushkin

Art of the Medieval World: Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, the Sacred Arts (pp. 221-222) | George Zarnecki

History Remembered, Recovered, Invented (pp. 222-223) | Bernard Lewis

Christians in the Arab East (pp. 223-224) | Robert Benton Betts



Number 3, Autumn 1976

Military Role of the Armenians on the Caucasian Front After the Defection of the Russian Army (pp. 227-242) | A. Poidebard

The Crisis in Lebanon and Cyprus: A Historical Background (pp. 243-252) | Puzant Yeghiayan

A Catalogue of Those Principally Responsible for the 1915-1918 Massacres (pp. 253-272) | Haigazn K. Kazarian

Oscan 'Tbir' and His Print Shop in Marseille (pp. 273-280) | Charles Diran Tekeian

The Reform Movement in Turkey: Background (pp. 281-292) | Lillian K. Etmekjian

Mirza Zul-Qarnain: An Armenian Grandee at the Mogul Court (Part I) (pp. 293-315) | Mesrovb Jacob Seth

Document: Correspondence from the British Archives (pp. 316-323)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 324-325)

Passage to Ararat (pp. 326-327) | Michael J. Arlen

Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery (pp. 327-329) | Sirarpie Der Nersessian

An Introduction to Armenian Manuscript Illumination: Selections from the Collection in the Walters Art Gallery (pp. 327-329) | Sirarpie Der Nersessian

Political Prisoners in the USSR: Who they Are, What they Stand For, How Can You Help Them (pp. 329-331) | Adrian Karatnycky

The Walking Tree (pp. 331-332) | Arthur Tcholakian

The Whole Armenian Catalogue (p. 332) | Alicia Mamourian

Steinbeck on Saroyan (pp. 332-333) | Ara Baliozian

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 334-336) | Levon A. Saryan



Number 4, Winter 1976

The Bremond Mission: Cilicia in 1919-1920 (Part I) (pp. 339-372) | Edouard Bremond

Some Aspects of the Armenian Question and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (pp. 373-401) | Ara Caprielian

Armenian Military Leaders in the U.S.S.R.: Some Recent Publications (pp. 402-405) | Michael Parrish

Document: United States Papers (pp. 406-412)

The National Elections of 1976 and the Armenian Americans (pp. 413-419)

Report of the European Commission on Human Rights on Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus (pp. 420-425)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 426-427)

The Legacy: Memoirs of an Armenian Patriot (pp. 428-429) | Arshavir Shiragian

Agathangelos: History of the Armenians (pp. 429-430) | Robert W. Thomson

The Armenians: Report No. 2, Minority Rights Group (pp. 431-433) | David Marshall and Walker Lang

American Diplomatic Relations With the Middle East, 1784-1975: A Survey (p. 433) | Thomas A. Bryson

Yegherni Hoosher (p. 434) | Dr. Levon K. Daghlian

Investigation into Certain Past Instances of Genocide and Exploration of Policy Options for the Future: 94th Congress, 2nd Session (p. 434)

Contempo, Phobia and Other Graphic Interpretations (p. 435) | John Vassos

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 436-440) | Levon A. Saryan

Mirza Zul-Qarnain: An Armenian Grandee at the Mogul Court (Part II) (pp. 441-448) | Mesrovb Jacob Seth









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