VOLUME 27 (1974)


•  Number 1, Spring 1974

•  Number 2, Summer 1974

•  Number 3, Autumn 1974

•  Number 4, April 1974


Number 1, Spring 1974

The Origin of the Armenian Word for God, Astuats, and the Hai-Hatti Equation (pp. 3-9) | Vartouhie Calantar Nalbandian    

A Secret Military Pact Against the Republic of Armenia for the Final Annihilation of the Armenian People (pp. 10-27) | A. Krieger       

The Story of the King of Armenia in John Gower's 'Confessio Amantis' (pp. 28-31) | W.R. Jones         

Armenia and the Caucasus in the Genesis of the Soviet-Turkish Entente (pp. 32-52) | Richard G. Hovannisian        

The Language of the Armenians (Part I) (pp. 53-64) | Nicol Aghbalian         

Assimilation of Armenians in Lebanon (pp. 65-72) | Agop and Melikian Der Karabetian         

Document: A Resolution and Supporting Speech by Senator William H. King: the Lausanne Treaty and Chester Oil (pp. 73-97)

Armenians Abroad (pp. 98-101)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 102-105)

The Armenian Question and International Law   (pp. 106-107) | Shavarsh Torigian       

Protestant Diplomacy and the Near East: Missionary Influence on American Policy (pp. 107-108) | Joseph L. Grabill        

The Turkish Straits and NATO (pp. 108-109) | Ferenc A. Vali     

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 110-112)



Number 2, Summer 1974

On the 150th of George Gordon, Lord Byron: I. George Gordon, Lord Byron: the Poet and the Legend (pp. 115-130) | Aram Terzian

On the 150th of George Gordon, Lord Byron: II. Lord Byron at the Armenian Monastery of San Lazzaro (pp. 131-140) | Arpena Mesrobian

On the 150th of George Gordon, Lord Byron: III. Byron and the Armenian Graphics (pp. 141-145) | Artin A. Arslanian

Mikayel Nalbandyan and His Tract 'Agriculture as the True Way' (Part I) (pp. 160-177) | Leon D. Megrian

The Language of the Armenians (Part II) (pp. 178-190) | Nicol Aghbalian

Document: Memorandum of the Armenian National Committee to the Delegations in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (1974) (pp. 191-203)

Armenians Abroad (pp. 204-208)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 209-212)

Publications of the Harvard University Press (pp. 213-215)

The Armenian Evangelical Reformation: Causes and Effects (pp. 216-220) | Giragos H. Chopourian

Armenia and the Armenians in Academic Dissertations (pp. 220-221) | Anne M. Avakian

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 222-224)



Number 3, Autumn 1974

The Armenian Question Before the Peace Conference: A Memorandum Presented Officially by the Representatives of Armenia to the Peace Conference at Versailles on February 26, 1919 (pp. 227-259) 

Growth of the Armenian Community in Paris During the Interwar Years 1919-1939 (pp. 227-259) | Aram Terzian

Performance of Turkish Genocide Unit 'Operation Trebizond' (pp. 278-294) | Kevork Y. Suakian

Soviet Nationalities Studies in North American Universities: Text of a Report Compiled by the Program on Soviet Nationality Problems, Columbia University (pp. 295-307)

Mikayel Nalbandyan and His Tract 'Agriculture as the True Way' (Part II) (pp. 308-319) | Levon D. Megrian

Document: Joint Appeal of the Three Armenian Political Parties (p. 320) 

Document: President Johnson's Letter to Prime Minister Inonu (p. 321)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 325-326)

Armenians Abroad (pp. 327-331)

From Paris to Sevres: The Partition of the Ottoman Empire at the Peace Conference of 1919-1920 (p. 332) | Paul C. Henmreich

Song of America (p. 333) | George Mardikian

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 334-335)



Number 4, April 1974

Armenia in World War One: Contributions to the Allied Triumph (pp. 339-355 ) | Herbert Adams Gibbons

The Conquest of Armenia by the Mongol Armies (pp. 356-377) | A. G. Galstyan

The Turkish Massacres of Armenians as Treated in Basic Western Historical Texts (pp. 378-382) | Earlene Craver

Jenanyan and Haigazian: Two Armenian Protestant Educators in Anatolia (pp. 383-397) | Frank Andrews Stone

A Brief History of the Armenians of Cyprus (pp. 398-416) | Nouar Maxoudian

Mikael Nalbandyan and His Tract "Agriculture as the True Way" (Part III) (pp. 417-426) | Levon D. Megrian

William Saroyan and James G. Mandalian (pp. 427-430) | William Saroyan

Document: 'Ottoman Turkish 'Reform Rescripts' of the XIXth Century: the 'Hatti-I-Sheriff of Gulhane' (pp. 431-434)

Soviet Armenian Chronicle (pp. 435-438)

Bibliographie de l'Armenie (pp. 439-446) | Armenag Salmaslian

A Select Bibliography of Periodical Literature (pp. 447-448)









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