VOLUME 26 (1973)


•  Number 1, Spring 1973

•  Number 2, Summer 1973

•  Number 3, Autumn 1973

•  Number 4, Winter 1973


Number 1, Spring 1973

Defictionalizing 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh'; Part I: Editor's Preface (pp. 3-10)

Defictionalizing 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh'; Part II: An Hitherto Unknown French Naval Document on the Evacuation Operation (pp. 11-21)

Defictionalizing 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh'; Part III: :The True Story of Musa Dagh" (pp. 22-50) | Takouhi Pambookjian

Defictionalizing 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh'; Part IV: The Survivors Land at Port Said (p. 51)

Defictionalizing 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh'; Part V: Return of the Natives (pp. 52-59 )

Suedia and Musa Dagh: a Map (p. 4) | Avedis Soghigian

Franz Werfel (p. 6)

First Page of the Franch Naval Document (p. 10)

the French Cruiser D'Estrees (p. 12)

the Jean D'Arc Plaque (p. 14)

Vice-Admiral Dartice du Fournet (p. 16)

Embarkation Scene (p. 18)

Rev. Dikran Antreasian (p. 36)

The Red Cross Flag (p. 46)

Necrology: the Late Zaven Nalbandian (p. 59)

Trade and Commerce of Cilician Armenia (pp. 60-77) | Paul Bedoukian

An Exchange on the Article "Settlement Geography of Fresno Armenians" (p. 78-79 )



Number 2, Summer 1973

The Twenty-Five Days of Ourfa (pp. 3-45) | Aram Sahakian

Megerditch Yotnaghbarian (p. 8)

Haroutune Rastgalanian, Sarkis Yotnaghbarian, Mariam Chilingirian and Kevork Alahaidoian (pp. 16)

Necrology: the Late Professor Emeritus Harutune Hovhaness Chakmakjian (p. 45)

A 1921 Memorandum to the President of Armenia (pp. 46-63) | Vahan Cardashian

The Wandering Jew in Medieval Armenia and England: the Origin and Transit of the Legend (pp. 64-69) | W.R. Jones

The Enigma of the One-Time Alphabet of the Caucasian Albanians and the Sole Testimony of Hayton-the-Historian (pp. 70-80) | Aram Terzian

Facsimile of the first Italian edition of Ramusio's "Delle Navigationi et Viaggi" (p. 72)

title page of the so-called "Hagenau (Latin) Edition" of Hayton's work (p. 74)



Number 3, Autumn 1973

The American Treaty with Turkey at Lausanne, and the Kemalist Pan-Islamic Adventure (pp. 2-13) | Senator William H. King

Mikayel Nalbandyan: A Study in the Rise of Ethnic Racicalism in the 19th Century in Russia (pp. 14-22) | Leon D. Megrian

John Sharp Williams: An Advocate for the Armenian Mandate, 1919-1920 (p.23-42) | Thomas A. Bryson

The Armenian Renaissance, 1500-1863 (pp. 43-57) | Harry Jewell Sarkiss

Cultural and Social-Psychological Factors in the Study of Survivors of Genocide (The Armenian Case) (pp. 58-64) | Vahakn N. Dadrian

The Rise of National and Political Consciousness Among the Armenian, Georgian and Turko-Tatar Peoples and Their Role in the Events of 1905-07 (pp. 65-79) | George A. Bournoutian



Number 4, Winter 1973

In Support of an Application for a Hearing by the U.S. Senate Upon the Lausanne Treaty: Mosul Oil and Armenia (pp. 3-48) | Vahan Cardashian

St. Nerses Shnorhali (A.D. 1102-1173): on the 800th Anniversary of His Passing (pp. 49-55) | Aram Terzian

Hymn by Nerses the Graceful (pp. 56-57)

The Prayers of Nerses the Graceful (in Armenian text and English translation) (pp. 58-66)

James Garabed Mandalian (1888-1973): a Colleagues' Tribute by the EDITORS (pp. 67-70)

Lawrence Terzian on Mandalian (pp. 71-73) | Lawrence Terzian

Early 'Communistic' Movements in Ancient Persia (A. Amourian) (pp. 74-78) | Andre Der Ohanian

A Modern History of Soviet Georgia (pp. 79-80) | D.M. Lang









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