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Number 1, Spring 1949

The Woman (pp. 3-26) | Seghbosian (Levon Shant) 

Evening in Venice (pp. 27-29) | Mannig Berberian 

The Song Has Ceased (p. 29) | Nuver Koumyan 

Bolshevism and the Armenian Revolutionary Movement: A Brief Survey (pp. 30-45) | Vahan Navassardian 

The Armenians, as Viewed by a Turkish Student (pp. 46-50) | Sefie Bilge Temel 

The Armenian Side: An Answer to Miss Temel (pp. 51-61) | James G. Mandalian 

The American Military Mission to Armenian (Part I) (pp. 62-74) | James H. Tashjian 

Hail To Thee, O Martyred Race (pp. 75-80) | Avetis Aharonian 

Mamoulian: An Interpreter of American Folklore (pp. 81-88) | Rouben Gavoor 

A Mission to Moscow: Memoires (Part IV) (pp. 89-103) | Reuben Darbinian 

The Bartender's Nose (pp. 104-109) | Larry Martin 

The Way (p. 109) | Vartabedian Hasmick Goodell 

The Indian Origin of an Armenian Folk Tale (pp. 110-113) | Alexander H. Krappe 

Aftermath ( p. 114) | Varujan Boghosian 

Paris (p. 114) | Diana Der Hovanesian 

His Father's Wish (pp. 115-117) | K. Der Vartanian 

How Armenian Was Sovietized (Part V) (pp. 118-127) | Simon Vratzian 

To The Poet Siamanto (p. 127) | Mannig Berberian 

A Lesson for Bekir Chavoosh (pp. 128-130) | David Atamian 

The Defense of Van (Part V) (pp. 131-141) | Onnig Mekhitarian 

Samuel: A Historical Novel of Armenia 366-400 AD (Book 1 - Chapters XIII to XV) (pp. 142-157) | Hagop Melik (Raffi) Hagopian 

Amerikahai Patkerner (p. 158) | Bedros A. Keolgik 

Vocabulary to the Tocharian Punyavantajataka (p. 158) | George S. Lane 

History of the Armenians of Aleppo (p. 158) | Artavazd Surmeyan 

So Gracious is the Time (pp. 158-159) | Annie B. Kerr

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