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Number 4, Winter 1950

A Brief Survey of the History of Ancient Armenia (pp. 3-32) | Y. A. Manandian 

The Voice of the Race (pp. 33-44) | Aram Haigaz 

Alien (p. 44) | Nuver Koumyan 

To Bertha S. Papazian at Christmas, 1949 (p. 45) | Alice Stone Blackwell 

The Soviet Riddle (pp. 46-54) | Reuben Darbinian 

My Uncle Mushegh (pp. 55-57) | Suzanne Basmajian 

The Armenian Revolution and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Part II ) (pp. 58-66) | Simon Vratzian 

Success and the Unstrenuous (pp. 67-68) | P. K. Thomajan 

The American Military Mission to Armenian (Part VIII) (pp. 69-84) |James H. Tashjian 

The Evil Spirit of the Dark Valley (pp. 85-91) | Aksel Bakountz 

The Land of Khurri in the Armenian Language and Literature (pp. 92-100) | Arshak Safrastian 

Shocks and Satisfactions (pp. 101-105) | Mardie Jay Bakjian 

The Gangrene-Hued Star (p. 105) | Dikran Akillian 

The Memoirs of a Mayor (Part VI) (pp. 106-113) | Alexander Khatissian 

My People (p. 113) | Charlotte Markarian 

The Armenian From Texas (pp. 114-122) | Vaughan Hekimian 

Lines to Beware (p. 122) | Varujan Boghosian 

Inside Soviet Armenia (pp. 123-125) | Hrant Ermoyan 

Armenian Life Abroad (pp. 126-130) | No author

Creation (p. 130) | Lootfi Minas 

Samuel: A Historical Novel of Armenia 366-400 AD (Book II - Chapter XI-XII; Book III - Chapter I) (pp. 133-155) | Hagop Melik Hagopian (Raffi) 

Al Fakhri, on the System of Government and the Moslem Dynasties (p. 156) | C. E. J. Whitting 

The History of Vardanantz by Yeghishe (pp. 156-157) | Prof. Ye. T. Minassian 

Management Research in Retailing (pp. 158-159) | H. Pasdermadjian

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