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Number 1, Spring 1950

The People and the Land of the Armenians (pp. 3-26) | Nicol Aghbalian 

How give up all this Beauty of the World (Chapter 1 of "98.6") (pp. 27-33) | Leon Z. Surmelian 

I Committed an Error (pp. 34-53) | H. Saninian 

Two Stanzas (p. 53) | Dikran Akillian 

Fatma and Asad (pp. 54-65) | Alexander (Shirvanzade) Movsesian 

The American Military Mission to Armenian (Part V) (pp. 66-82) | James H. Tashjian 

Marlene (pp. 83-86) | James G. Mandalian 

Unchristian Reflections from a Church Pew (p. 86) | Elizabeth Deranian 

The Memoirs of a Mayor (Part III) (pp. 87-106) | Alexander Khatissian 

Things Seen and Remembered (pp. 107-113) | Mardie Jay Bakjian 

My Road (p. 114) | Nuver Koumyan 

Waziric Dynasty of Badr Al-Jamali, the Armenian, during the Fatimid Caliphate (Part II) (pp. 115-120) | H. Kurdian 

The State University of Erivan on the Occasion of its Thirtieth Anniversary (pp. 121-124) | S. Nayiri 

Good-Night (p. 124) | Diana Der Hovanesian 

Recent News From Soviet Armenia (pp. 125-129) | Hrant Ermoyan 

No Hits, No Runs, All Errors: A Short Short Story (p. 130) | Dikran Akillian 

Armenian Life Abroad (pp. 131-134) 

Samuel: A Historical Novel of Armenia 366-400 AD (Book II -Chapters IV to VI) (pp. 135-154) | Hagop Melik (Raffi) Hagopian 

The History of the Arabs (p. 155) | Phillip K. Hitti 

Famous Armenians in Egypt (pp. 155-56) | Gevorg Misirlian 

Vishapner (The Dragons) (p. 156) | Prof. M. Abeghian 

Armenian Grammar (Western Dialect) (pp. 156-157) | Father S. L. Kogian 

Don't Go Away Mad and Two Other Plays (pp. 157-158) | William Saroyan 

H. R. Knickerbocker (pp. 158- 159) | H. Kurdian 

Patriarch Israelian (p. 159) | H. Kurdia

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